An Exquisite Gift Shipped Directly From Paradise

Flowers are always an appreciated gift that can be given romantically, sent to friends or as a message of sympathy. They are appropriate for nearly any occasion, and brighten and freshen every room they are in. When someone is looking for a unique bouquet, it can be difficult to get away from the carnations, daisies and roses that fill most arrangements. These blossoms are beautiful, but not necessarily what every recipient wants.

It is possible to find something a little more exotic, a gift that will stand out from the rest. Hawaiian tropical flowers are available from With Our Aloha in bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages or even in authentic leis. The uses are many, including themed birthday parties, for wedding decorations and as attractive accessories for the bridal party.

The blooms are not cultivated locally in greenhouses to look like Hawaiian flowers or imported in from Thailand and relabeled as Hawaiian, but genuinely from the islands they are sent from. Each flower is grown on local farms on the islands and cut fresh for every order. The arrangements are assembled with natural wild greenery and decorative touches. They are shipped quickly and arrive at their destinations within a couple of days. This means they will be bright, fragrant and fresh when they get there, and for days afterwards.

Bird of Paradise in Bloom - With Our Aloha

There are numerous bouquets to choose from, as well as loose orchids for creating personal displays. Hawaiian gifts are also available as an extra touch. They can be purchased individually, sent with flowers or as themed gift baskets on their own. These contain genuine Hawaiian products like Kona coffee, organic body products and a great collection of essential oils. The ingredients in these products are locally sourced and guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Everyone can enjoy a gift like this, but especially those with an affinity for the sights and scents of Hawaii. Celebrate an anniversary by reliving a Hawaiian honeymoon, make a child’s birthday party luau a little more authentic or just brighten a dining room table during a long winter with some tropical flowers. Why buy a generic flower basket from an online shop when it is possible to actually send flowers from Hawaii?

It is not always easy to choose the perfect gift for those who has everything. Other times, there is no reason for the gift other than to let someone know they are appreciated. Sometimes, people just want to purchase a little something for themselves. In these instances, and many others, the gift of flowers directly from paradise will be a welcome gift.

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