Loose Orchids for Hawaiian Decorating

Loose Orchid Blossoms Make Unique Decorations

Planning a party? wedding? luau? If you are looking to add a special touch consider loose orchid blossoms available from Alii Flowers. The orchid of choice is the dendrobium with blooms about a 2 inch bloom. They come in a variety of colors to match your theme and decor. The most popular colors are white, lavender or blush, green and deep purple.

So where do you find these lovely flowers? Orchids grow profusely in Hawaii, especially on the Big Island, sometimes called The Orchid Island. Hawaiian orchids are cultivated on farms and in nurseries. They are used in tropical flower assortments and lei making.

Loose orchid blooms can be used to adorn tables, serving trays and drinks. Each guest’s plate can be garnished with a bloom. Many women enjoy pinning a bloom into their hair. Easy to do with a bobby pin. You can also use your loose orchids to make your own lei. Or string them and hang them as garlands over and around your party.

Ironically many loose orchids in Hawaii are imported from Thailand. There they are cheap to grow for export. Most tourist leis are made from Thai flowers, usually unknown to the wearer. Many companies that send loose orchid blooms to the mainland from Hawaii also use Thai flowers. These are already several days old by the time they arrive and may not survive your event.

If you are on the US mainland consider an authentic Hawaiian orchid grower for your loose orchids and other tropical flowers. Verify with them that they are not sending you cheap Thai imports. Sites with the lowest prices are typically selling imports even if they are based in Hawaii. Most of these will only be in one color which is a reddish purple with white trim called a Red Sonia Dendrobium.

Here’s how to extend the life of your loose orchid blooms:

  • Open the box as soon as it arrives.
  • Remove the loose orchids and mist them lightly with clean lukewarm water.
  • Refrigerate in a closed bag. Don’t freeze them!
  • Take them out and decorate shortly before your event.
  • Leftover flowers can be misted and restored to use again.
  • Hawaiian grown orchids can last a week or more with care. Thai imports will soon become limp and a bit brown around the edges.

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