Hawaiian Flowers

Hawaiian flowers are the essence of ‘Aloha’. Whether you are sending a gift of tropical flowers, giving a graduation lei or wedding lei, or decorating with loose orchid blooms Hawaiian flowers make every occasion special.ZrrFv-rsqbdHlKuefa_hdUpfYMsMF2UwxOGjuVM5qLM,SDbCjkZYUKFP-Ct2X8NTYkYBGG59nTcpN7gGdKxVShE-1

Orchids are one of Hawaii’s most popular flowers. Though they are not native to Hawaii they love the climate. Hawaii has every climate zone except tundra so many plants can fine a comfortable location to thrive. The best place to learn about Hawaiian orchids is to go to an orchid show. The Honolulu Orchid Society has a show every October just outside Waikiki. There you will see the most spectacular orchids from champion growers.

Orchid are the most widely used flowers for Hawaiian leis. A graduation lei can be made with 50 to 250 fresh orchid blooms.

Loose orchid blooms can be used to decorate any event. They can be used on plates or all around the location. They are a staple of Hawaiian weddings and luaus.

Anthuriums are another popular Hawaiian flower. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. There are smaller, tulip type anthuriums in white, purple and coral color. The solid colors are red, green, pink and white in various shades. Obake anthurium have multiple colors including the famous ‘watermelon’ anthurium in red with green edges.

Protea are an unusual flower from Africa. They grow high on the mountains on the island of Maui. They are sometimes described as ‘dinosaur’ flowers for their almost pre-historic appearance. You will find many protea farms on Maui along with huge fields of Hawaiian lavender.

Heliconia are a lovely flower not often seen on the mainland. Some varieties are sometimes confused with the bird of paradise flower. Heliconia range from the small psitticorum variety to the larger red or yellow lobster claw upright flower. There is even a hanging type called pendant heliconia.

Send Hawaiian flowers as a gift for a happy occasion such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary. They also send your aloha as a sympathy gift.

Tropical bird of paradise flowers are a complex and beautiful flower. This a tall specimen on a thick, heavy stalk. The leaves are also used for decorating and Hawaiian flower arranging. Birds grow outdoors as a landscape plant around homes in the islands.

There are many beautiful Hawaiian flowers that grow in yards or gardens but that are not suitable for flower arrangements. Hibiscus is the state flower or Hawaii. It comes in many colors though the most common are yellow and orange. When they bloom the do not remain on the bush for very long. So they are not good for lei making but are popular for wearing in the hair.

Plumeria grows on a tree brought here from Mexico. There are many varieties in parks and yards throughout the islands. Yellow and pink are the most common. This is also a short lived flower. Though they can be used for leis that are worn within a short time of making. Plumeria has a delightful fragrance that is also used on perfumes and cosmetics.