Natural Spa Gifts from Hawaii

Hawaii has many natural and healthful flowers and plants. Ancient Hawaiians uncovered the secrets of these remarkable flora. That learning still remains in Hawaii. Natural spa items include soaps, lotions, and balms for athletes or sun-chapped lips. Many of these modern wonders are available to the public from Hawaiian Pacific Naturals.

One selection is a group of items infused with wild orchid essence. These include a body lotion, bath crystals and a natural soap. The soap is based in glycerin so it is gentle to the skin. Other local essences include papaya which has a lovely flower before making fruit.

For stress reduction there is a soothing lotion made with Hawaiian ohia flower and yellow ginger. They also have soap and bath crystal with the same ingredients. This is the perfect formula for a stress releasing bath.

Lavender also grows in Hawaii though it is not native. Lavender is not only beautiful with it’s purple color. The flower essence is said to have a soothing property. Lavender is used in soaps and bath crystals. Modern Hawaii has embraced this lovely bloom for many natural skin care products.

For your pet Hawaiian Pacific Naturals also has a wonderful soap. The soap is all natural so it will keep your dog’s coat clean and healthy. It is filled with natural oils and vitamins. Oils come from soy, orange, Asian lemon grass, cottonseed and of course, for Hawaii, coconut oil. The pet soap is brightened with marigold oil.

Many people in Hawaii enjoy a natural life style. But this is not limited to the islands. Anyone can enjoy refreshing and stress releasing flowers and oils used to make soaps, lotions and balms. You can order these products on their own or as part of a Hawaiian gift basket or bag. It is easy to create a Polynesian spa experience in your own home.

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